Life Stresses and Low Back Pain

H.C. Huang

1991 Vol.7 NO.11

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Low back pain is a group of chronic syndromes, and is perhaps the most commonly complained illness of humans since they beg ans stood on two feet. It not only ristricts and individual’s physiological functions, creates emotional disturbances, leads to loss of human resources as a result of individual’s absence from work, and also increases burdens on medical care resources because of the increased frequency of medical care. Therefore, low back pain is a serious problem of physical and mental health as well as an important issue of social resources. Since the cause of low back pain complicated and multiple, its prevention, diagnosis and treatment are relatively is difficult. Many researchers have investigated the pathogenicity of low back pain, there have been some definite findings on the physiological of aspects pathogenicity, findings on the psychological aspects, however, are divided, and knowledge on the psychological factors of disease mechanism is still limited.