Statistics of Communicable Diseases and Surveillance Report 2014

  • Editor/Author:Centers for Disease Control, Ministry of Health and Welfare, R.O.C.(Taiwan)

  • Publisher:Centers for Disease Control, Ministry of Health and Welfare, R.O.C.(Taiwan)

  • Date of Publication:Dec. 2015

  • Date of Begin Publication::Sep. 1994

  • ISSN:1992-4526


A well-functioned communicable disease control system relies on a comprehensive, continuing and well-established communicable disease surveillance system. The statistics and results generated from the surveillance system are the most fundamental and important parameters in battles against communicable diseases. Such data enable health authorities to closely monitor outbreak situations and disease trends in terms of population, time, and location and to formulate relevant disease control and prevention measures that can effectively address each challenge encountered in disease control. In view of this, Taiwan CDC annually publishes the previous year's surveillance report of communicable diseases. This 2014 report records all epidemiological statistics on notifiable diseases and operating results of Taiwan's surveillance systems that is expected to promote public cognition and understanding on surveillance and control for communicable diseases, and to retain the epidemic records as well.


Update Time 2017/1/5