CECC continues to investigate other countries' notifications regarding travelers testing positive for COVID-19 after their departure from Taiwan

On October 28, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that Taiwan recently received notifications from the Japanese and Thai authorities through the International Health Regulations (IHR) National Focal Point that travelers had tested positive for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) after their departure from Taiwan. The Japanese authorities reported two travelers who tested positive after they entered Japan from Taiwan, and the Thai authorities reported one case who tested positive after entering Thailand.

Regarding those two cases reported by Japan, the two cases are a Taiwanese man in his 20s and a Japanese man in his 50s. The two men traveled to Japan from Taiwan on October 21 and October 23, respectively. They both haven't developed any symptoms yet. Those two men both tested positive upon arrival in Japan after taking antigen tests. Before leaving Taiwan, the Taiwanese man took COVID-19 tests at his own expense on October 14 and October 20, and the two test results were negative. He was given another coronavirus test in Japan on October 27, and the test result came back negative as well.

Regarding the case reported by Thailand, the case is a Taiwanese male in his 60s. He didn't show any symptoms while he was in Taiwan. The man took a COVID-19 test at his own expense on October 6, and the test result was negative. The man left Taiwan on October 8. He underwent a COVID-19 test in Thailand on October 11, and the test result was negative. The man developed a cough and mild fever. He underwent another test on October 19, and the test result came back positive.

The CECC reported that health authorities have identified a total of 39 individuals who had come into contact with those three cases in Taiwan. Of the 39 contacts, 28 are subjected to COVID-19 testing. Of the 28 persons, 20 tested negative after taking PCR and antibody tests; 7 are awaiting test results (1 has tested negative for PCR testing and is awaiting the antibody test result); 1 is waiting to be tested.

發佈日期 2020/10/28