CECC revises case definition of COVID-19; people considered as confirmed cases if they test positive with rapid tests and have their test results confirmed by medical personnel

On May 25, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that it has revised the definition of a confirmed case of COVID-19, effective from May 26, to include: an individual, regardless of age or which group he or she is in, who tests positive for COVID-19 with an at-home rapid antigen test kit and whose test result is confirmed by a medical professional or who tests positive with a rapid antigen test performed by a medical professional.

The CECC reminded such individuals to cooperate in taking the steps listed below.
A. The individual should write his or her name and the date he or she took the test on the rapid test cassette/strip after testing positive with a rapid test.
B. Take a photo of the rapid test cassette/strip with his or her National Health Insurance card.
C. If it is necessary to have a doctor confirm the test result at a clinic, the individual should put the test cassette/strip in a zipper bag or plastic bag and seal it tightly before taking it to the clinic.
D. The individual should present the positive result of the test cassette/strip when having a video or onsite consultation with a doctor.
E. The individual must wear a mask at all times when outside and must not take public transportation. The individual can seek medical help by driving himself/herself, riding a scooter or bike, walking, or getting a ride from a friend or family member (with both parties keeping their masks on at all times).

發佈日期 2022/5/25