CECC launches Lunar New Year Healthcare Program to safeguard COVID-19 prevention and healthcare capacities

On January 19, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that it will implement COVID-19 Telemedicine Appointment and Consultation Program at Hospitals during the Lunar New Year (hereinafter referred to the "Lunar New Year Healthcare Program"). Under this program, emergency and designated hospitals nationwide will offer telemedicine services and consultations for COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment during the Lunar New Year holiday, which starts on January 20 and runs through January 29.

COVID-19-related healthcare services provided by the hospitals participating in the Lunar New Year Healthcare Program during the holiday are listed below.
A. Morning and afternoon telemedicine appointments (evening appointments included) for COVID-19 are available every day. Medical services that will be provided include care services for COVID-19 and influenza-like symptoms and evaluation or confirmation of positive rapid test results.
B. Prescribing and dispensing COVID-19 oral antiviral drugs are available every day. C. A 24-hour consultation hotline is available for people suspected of having COVID-19 or confirmed to have COVID-19 and those who need assistance with hospital transfer for COVID-19 patients with severe illness.

The CECC reminds members of the public that information about COVID-19 healthcare services during the Lunar New Year has been released at: https://www.cdc.gov.tw/Category/MPage/7x1exxL54Bez_-Dtyfv7pA.

發佈日期 2023/1/19