Self-paid COVID-19 vaccine to be available for the Taiwanese public on April 21

On April 14, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced it would initially offer 10,000 self-paid COVID-19 vaccine doses to members of the public starting April 21. Related details are listed below.
1. Eligible persons: People who need to travel abroad for business, work, education, and medical treatment, and other humanitarian reasons or considerations.
2. Vaccination hospitals: A total of 31 hospitals with outpatient services in travel medicine that are designated for COVID-19 vaccination.
3. Self-paid vaccination is by appointment only.
4. The vaccine doses are distributed by the CECC to designated hospitals, and members of the public can't choose which brand of vaccine they wish to receive.
5. Members of the public who wish to receive self-paid vaccine doses must pay for the registration, diagnostic, and injection fees charged by the hospital for their vaccination; however, the cost of the vaccine itself will be waived.

發佈日期 2021/4/14