CECC plans to launch large-scale COVID-19 vaccine rollout to help public build protection

On June 2, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that it will launch a large-scale COVID-19 vaccination program that includes the following three main aspects:
A. Continue increasing the number of healthcare facilities contracted by health authorities to provide COVID-19 vaccinations and including basic-level clinics to offer COVID-19 vaccinations.
B. Draw up operational guidance for establishing COVID-19 vaccination sites and promote the establishment of vaccination sites including community vaccination sites, large vaccination site and outreach vaccination service. In the future, government agencies, military bases and businesses can arrange vaccination appointments by way of outreach vaccination service.
C. Set up a "vaccination appointment platform" for members of the public who wish to schedule an appointment in order to improve their access to COVID-19 vaccine.

發佈日期 2021/6/2