CECC reinforces measures and related penalties adopted under COVID-19 Level 3 alert; the public urged to abide by related regulations

On May 26, the Central Epidemic Command Center announced that it has strengthened measures and related penalties adopted under the COVID-19 Level 3 alert. Related enhanced measures and penalties are listed below.

A. Members of the public must wear a mask all the time when going out. Once a violation of the rule is found, penalties will be imposed without prior reminding of mask-wearing.
B. Leisure and entertainment venues that have been ordered to close must not open, and strict inspections will be conducted. For those failing to abide by the rule, the business owner, staff, customers and participants of the gathering will face their respective penalty.
C. Food and beverage vendors should only offer takeout services, and hypermarkets and supermarkets should bolster crowd control measures. Members of the public are urged to reduce the frequency of visiting supermarkets/hypermarkets and purchase more groceries at one go.
D. Suspension of wedding receptions and public memorial ceremonies of funerals.
E. A halt to all religious gatherings or events; places of worship are temporarily not open to the public.

The CECC reminds members of the public that those who need to consume food and beverages when outside may temporarily remove their mask to consume food and beverages if social distancing can be maintained or partitions are installed.


發佈日期 2021/5/26