Starting from November 28, entry of Indonesian migrant workers arranged by two more Indonesian employment agencies is temporarily suspended

On November 28, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) reported that the coronavirus pandemic has continued to spread in Indonesia. To ensure domestic epidemic prevention efforts and to reduce imported infections through Indonesian migrant workers, the CECC announced its decision to temporarily suspend acceptance of the entry of migrant workers coming to Taiwan for work arranged by two more Indonesian employment agencies, effective from November 28. The two employment agencies are PT. BUMENJAYA EKA PUTRA and PT. MITRA SINERGI SUKSES; currently, the acceptance of entry applications from the following eight Indonesian employment agencies has been temporarily suspended: PT.SENTOSA KARYA ADITAMA, PT. VITA MELATI INDONESIA, PT. EKORISTI BERKARYA, PT. GRAHA AYUKARSA, PT. LAATANSA LINTAS, PT. PRIMA DUTA SEJATI, PT. BUMENJAYA EKA PUTRA, and PT. MITRA SINERGI SUKSES. Moreover, entry of migrant workers hired by those eight employment agencies, whether they have obtained a visa or not, is temporarily suspended, effective immediately.

發佈日期 2020/11/28