CECC takes protection of personal data into consideration when using Digital Fencing 2.0 and collecting data for disease prevention purposes

On January 6, the Central Epidemic Command Center pointed out that to reduce the risk of transmission in the community, epidemic prevention and control regulations for people observing self-health management have been tightened and the digital fencing tracking system has been applied to prevent those conducting self-health management from going near large-scale events (hereinafter "Digital Fencing 2.0"), since December 31, 2020.

To ensure protection of personal data, venue proprietors shall adopt the principle of collecting minimum amount of data when collecting personal data of people visiting the venue. Furthermore, relevant professional opinions shall be taken into consideration to determine the retention period of personal data collected; personal data collected by venue proprietors can be retained for at most 28 days, doubling the longest incubation period of 14 days, for the purposes of epidemiological investigations and epidemic prevention and control. Such personal data should be deleted or erased thereafter.

發佈日期 2021/1/6