Taiwan's Digital COVID-19 Certificate system to provide vaccination certificates in SHC format used by US, Japan, Canada, Australia

On July 13, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that as the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) had joined the Vaccination Credential Initiative (VCI) led by the US on May 20, 2022, the MOHW can issue digital vaccination certificates in the Smart Health Card (SHC) format that can be certified. This update to the Digital COVID-19 Certificate system will add the function of issuing digital certificates in the SHC format. The system will be updated to a new version at 8 a.m. on July 14. Details about the function are listed below.

A. Digital certificates in the newly added SHC format can be used for travel to the US (certain states), Canada, Japan, Australia (Sydney), and other countries where there is frequent travel to and from Taiwan and provide another option for travelers. For related information, please visit the VCI website (https://vci.org/issuers).
B. The steps to apply for a digital certificate remain unchanged. People who wish to apply for a digital certificate can follow the three steps. The option to download a digital certificate in the SHC format will be added, and the system supports the function of adding such a certificate to an iOS or Android phone with one click (https://dvc.mohw.gov.tw).
C. The digital verification program can verify digital certificates in the EU or SHC format without switching.

The CECC reminded the public that the digital certificate website will be temporarily closed from 6 p.m. on July 13 to 8 a.m. on July 14 for the update. People who urgently need a digital certificate for international travel are urged to download it in advance. Further information on how to download a digital certificate and the verification program is available on the Digital COVID-19 Certificate section of the MOHW website (https://covid19.mohw.gov.tw/ch/np-5345-205.html).

發佈日期 2022/7/13