Live-in contacts of COVID-19 cases reported on Nov. 6 and confirmed on Nov. 7 can choose "3+4" days of isolation or "0+7" days of self-initiated prevention

On November 10, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) reported that around 6,000 individuals were reported as COVID-19 cases by doctors on November 6 via their National Health Insurance cards but were determined to be confirmed cases on November 7. Live-in contacts of these confirmed cases have been notified and begun observing "3+4" days of home isolation. The CECC will implement a special program that uses the Contact Tracing Self-reporting System for Confirmed Cases Contacts to retroactively identify contacts living with these confirmed cases. Under the special program, text messages with the link to the system will be sent to contacts living with these confirmed cases. However, given that contacts of individuals confirmed to have COVID-19 on November 6 completed their isolation period on November 9, home isolation notices for contacts will not be issued to them; instead, digital isolation certificates will be issued.

發佈日期 2022/11/10