CECC confirms 293 more cases of Omicron subvariants, including 159 domestic cases and 134 imported cases

On September 26, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced 293 new confirmed cases of Omicron subvariants. Of these new cases, 159 are domestic (128 cases of BA.5 and 31 cases of BA.2) and the other 134 cases (three cases of BA.4, 112 cases of BA.5, 11 cases of BA.2.75, and eight cases of BA.2) are imported. As of now, there have been a cumulative total of 915 imported cases of BA.5, 91 imported cases of BA.4, 27 imported cases of BA.2.75, and 991 cases of BA.2. Furthermore, there have been a cumulative total of 558 confirmed domestic cases of BA.5, four confirmed domestic cases of BA.4, 2,482 confirmed domestic cases of BA.2, and no confirmed domestic cases of BA.2.75.

發佈日期 2022/9/26