In response to cluster infections in electronics factories in Miaoli County, CECC provides details about COVID-19 control measures adopted by incident command post

On June 6, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that it has established an incident command post in response to the cluster infections in factories of three electronics companies in Miaoli County. The CECC is actively assisting the local government and the manufacturers in related prevention and control efforts to prevent further spread of COVID-19 at those factories.

Details about the COVID-19 control measures implemented by the incident command post are listed below.
A. Work is suspended for all foreign migrant workers, and foreign migrant workers are placed under home isolation.
B. Migrant workers in high-risk locations are placed in group quarantine facilities, and those in medium-to-low risk locations are placed under self-isolation on site.
C. Epidemiological investigations are launched among Taiwanese nationals who have been confirmed to have COVID-19 to identify contacts.
D. Medical care has been provided to all individuals confirmed to have COVID-19.
E. The electronics companies will conditionally reduce production work and resume work according to their disease prevention and control plan.

The CECC pointed out that as of June 6, a total 182 individuals (24 Taiwanese nationals and 158 foreign nationals) in the first electronics company have been confirmed to have COVID-19. Furthermore, 12 individuals (all foreign nationals) in the second electronics company have been confirmed to have COVID-19, and 12 (two Taiwanese nationals and 10 foreign nationals) individuals in the third electronics company have been confirmed to have COVID-19. Related epidemiological investigations are underway.


發佈日期 2021/6/6