Effective November 14, CECC to adopt "5+n" days of isolation/self-health management policy for non-severe cases receiving home care

On November 2, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) reported that an expert meeting was held in the morning to seek experts' advice on the isolation/self-health management requirement for confirmed COVID-19 cases without severe symptoms and receiving home care. After the meeting, the CECC announced that, effective November 14 (the day a confirmed case starts to isolate, Day 0), "5+n" days of isolation/self-health management will be implemented for confirmed cases who don't have severe symptoms and receive care at home. Under the new scheme, after they isolate for five days, confirmed cases will not need to practice self-health management if they test negative. If they test positive, they should practice self-health management until they test negative or seven days have passed since the last day of their isolation period.

Additionally, given that adjustments to the self-health management requirement following the end of isolation for confirmed cases and 0+7 days of self-initiated prevention for contacts will go into effect on November 7, the experts suggested waiting a week before implementing the abovementioned eased protocols to allow time to adjust supplementary measures.

發佈日期 2022/11/2