Entry measures to be gradually relaxed for foreign nationals, Hong Kong and Macao residents; eligible travelers must present negative COVID-19 test result at check-in and undergo 14-day home quarantine upon entry

In light of recent trends in the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced on June 24 that Taiwan will relax entry measures for foreign nationals and Hong Kong and Macao residents starting June 29 to meet commercial and trade demand and humanitarian needs, as follows:

1.    Foreign nationals may apply to enter Taiwan for reasons other than tourism and regular social visits.
2.    Hong Kong and Macao residents may apply to enter Taiwan for special humanitarian reasons or emergency situations; to fulfill contractual obligations; as part of internal transfers within multinational enterprises; when they are the spouse or child of an R.O.C. national and possess an R.O.C. Resident Certificate; for commercial and trade exchanges; or when they hold an R.O.C. Resident Certificate related to employment, investment, or entrepreneurship.

The CECC stated that foreign nationals and Hong Kong and Macao residents who have received permission to enter Taiwan, when checking in with the airline for the flight to Taiwan, must present an English-language certificate of a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test taken within three days of boarding. They must also undergo a 14-day home quarantine period and observe other relevant epidemic prevention measures upon entry into the country. The purpose of these stipulations is to ensure safety in airplanes and airports and minimize the risk of COVID-19 community transmission in Taiwan related to foreign nationals and Hong Kong and Macao residents.

The CECC also reminds all travelers bound for Taiwan to use their mobile phone to log into the Quarantine System for Entry (https://hdhq.mohw.gov.tw/) when checking in or prior to boarding at the place of departure and fill out a health declaration form, so as to accelerate immigration procedures at the port of arrival in Taiwan and facilitate community prevention measures following entry into the country.

Note: Entry measures for foreign diplomats, migrant workers, and foreign students are being supervised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Labor, and Ministry of Education; risk levels for these groups are manageable. In consideration of the difficulty in obtaining a certificate of a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test for people coming to Taiwan for emergency situations and crewmembers on vessels arriving in Taiwan, these groups are exempted from providing such a certificate.


發佈日期 2020/6/24