National Epidemic Prevention Meeting Report at Morning Press Conference on May 21

On the morning of May 21, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) held its National Epidemic Prevention Meeting with each city and county government. The CECC and city/county governments adopted the resolutions listed below at the meeting.

A. Local governments shall urge members of the public to observe disease prevention and control measures according to related guidelines and regulations so as to ensure epidemic prevention standards are consistent across the country.
B. Local governments shall release information on public venues visited by confirmed cases with caution and prudence to prevent confusing and false information.
C. Local governments shall provide necessary support as well as equipment to front-line disease prevention and control personnel.
D. The Ministry of Health and Welfare shall notify the Taipei City Government and New Taipei City Government of available facilities where COVID-19 patients can be admitted each day and shall request assistance in relevant coordination and deployment efforts from the deputy mayors of the two cities.
E. Members of the public must wear masks all the time when going out. Concerning the mask-wearing rule for motorists, mask-wearing is required if there are two or more people in a vehicle. Furthermore, in consideration of the need to dine at construction sites, construction workers should maintain social distancing and are not required to wear a mask when consuming food or beverages; however, construction workers are still required to wear a mask when not consuming food or beverages.
F. In order to increase the number of group quarantine facilities, local governments shall proactively take inventory of possible locations that can be used for group quarantine.

發佈日期 2021/5/21