Visiting patients in hospitals across Taiwan conditionally allowed starting December 10

On November 28, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that visitation management and related measures for hospitals across Taiwan will be conditionally loosened starting December 10. Related measures are listed below.

A. Visiting inpatients in hospitals will be conditionally allowed. Visitors will be allowed during a set time slot every day, and, in principle, a maximum of two people will be allowed for one hospitalized patient at a time. However, such restrictions do not apply in the following situations:

1. The patient undergoing surgery or an invasive treatment or examination needs to be accompanied by family members or the law requires the patient's family members to sign a consent form or document for the treatment or surgery;
2. The condition of the patient admitted to a special care ward, including the emergency department, intensive care unit, and hospice ward, needs to be explained by doctors to family members;
3. The patient's condition deteriorates or the patient is in critical condition;
4. for other special reasons, and the healthcare facility has approved the need for family members of the patient to visit.

B. Regardless of vaccination status, all visitors should provide a negative result of a self-paid, at-home rapid test taken on the day of the visit.
Visitors can be exempted from testing if they have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and met the criteria for release from isolation, and there are 15 days to three months since the onset of symptoms or the positive test (applicable to asymptomatic individuals).

C. Visiting patients in hospitals is banned during the self-initiated prevention period. However, exceptions can be made in the situations listed above. Visiting patients is allowed with the approval of the healthcare facility as well as a negative result from an at-home rapid test taken on the day of the visit. The testing exemption doesn't apply.

發佈日期 2022/11/28