Starting July 13, employer transfers for all foreign workers to be restored; new employers must arrange PCR testing for newly-employed foreign workers within three days prior to their first day of work

On July 12, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that starting July 13, all foreign workers will be again allowed to change employers or jobs. However, the dispatch of foreign workers to another work site and the assignment of additional work responsibilities to foreign workers will remain suspended given the relatively high mobility of foreign workers. Such policy will be reviewed based on the status of the pandemic.

New employers who consecutively employ (including contract completion transfers) foreign workers shall implement the measures listed below.
A. Arrange PCR testing for foreign workers: new employers must arrange for foreign workers (including contract completion transfers) to take a PCR test in the three days prior to their first day of work (inclusive). In the event of special circumstances during the three days prior to a foreign worker's first day of work (inclusive), a PCR test must be arranged within the first three days of the first day of employment (inclusive). New employers must arrange one-person-per-room accommodation for migrant workers when they await their PCR test result. New employers must also pay testing fees for migrant workers.
B. If a foreign worker tests positive for COVID-19 by PCR testing, the new employer should abide by the Foreign Worker Employment Guidelines in Response to Severe Pneumonia with Novel Pathogens (COVID-19): Managing the Work, Life and Outdoor Activities of Foreign Workers issued by the Ministry of Labor and cooperate with medical attention, quarantine and treatment arranged by the health authorities. If a foreign worker tests negative by PCR testing, the new employer should, on a daily basis, continue to monitor his or her health status and keeps a record of places he or she visits.


發佈日期 2021/7/12