CECC loosens restrictions on visits to psychiatric wards starting May 25 as Taiwan’s communities are relatively safe

The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) will gradually remove disease prevention related restrictions as Taiwan’s coronavirus numbers stabilize and communities are relatively safe. Considering that the average length of stay of patients in psychiatric wards is longer, CECC has eased restrictions on visits to psychiatric wards, effective from May 25, to reduce mood swings in the patients. 

Implementation details
1.    Visiting is by appointment only. Hospitals should keep a record of visitors’ names or phone numbers.
2.    Visitors should cooperate with related infection control measures, including taking temperature, hand washing and inquiry of history of travel, occupation, contact and cluster.
3.    Each patient is only allowed to have a group of visitors per day in an area where there can only be one group of visitors during one time period. The number of a group of visitors may not exceed two individuals. Furthermore, the patient and visitors should wear face masks all the time.

Members of the public who wish to visit their friends or relatives at hospitals must make an appointment in advance and follow related rules for infection control at hospitals.

In addition, relevant disease prevention restrictions on all walks of life have been eased. Main principles are as follows:
1.    To maintain social distancing of 1.5 meters indoors and 1 meter outdoors 
2.    To wear masks
3.    To install partitions.

Venue proprietors must adhere to one of these principles and keep a record of visitors or customers’ names or phone numbers as part of trial implementation of the loosened requirement. CECC will continue to adjust related disease prevention measures and gradually lift restrictions depending on the result and relevant risk conditions. 

發佈日期 2020/5/25