In response to recent COVID-19 situation, CECC introduces four strengthened measures for quarantine hotels

On December 16, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) reported that Case #16851 had been confirmed to have COVID-19 on December 11 during the case's self-health management period, and it found that Cases #16768, #16841, #16851, #16856, whose rooms were on the same floor as Case #16851, share the same genome sequence of the virus spike protein as the case. The CECC preliminarily determined that this could be a quarantine hotel cluster infection.

The CECC has introduced four strengthened measures listed below for quarantine hotels.
A. Enhancing monitoring efforts and increasing the number of tests required under the three Lunar New Year Quarantine Programs, the number of inspections, and penalties for any violation:
a. Inbound passengers are required to take PCR tests or government-funded rapid tests on the third, seventh, tenth, 14th and 21st (sixth or seventh day of self-health management period) day of quarantine under the three programs.
b. Related inspections are strengthened during the quarantine period, and heavy penalties will be imposed for any violation.
B. Conducting inspections of epidemic prevention and control measures of quarantine hotels.
C. Conducting inspections of ventilation and air conditioning in quarantine hotels.
D. Enhancing reporting of symptomatic individuals.

發佈日期 2021/12/16