Starting from March 1, Taiwan to again allow short-term business travelers from list of low- and medium-risk countries who are eligible to enter the country to apply for shortened quarantine periods

On February 24, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that it would again allow people from CECC's list of low- and medium-risk countries/regions who are eligible to enter Taiwan and wish to make short visits for business purposes to apply for shortened quarantine periods in Taiwan. Those who wish to apply to shorten their quarantine periods will still be required to follow all the required conditions prescribed in the Regulations concerning short-term business travelers’ applications for shortened quarantine periods in Taiwan. These required conditions are listed below.
1.     The business traveler is eligible to enter the country in accordance with CECC announcements;
2.     The business traveler is applying for a duration of stay in Taiwan of less than three months;
3.     The purpose of the visit is business activity and relevant documents proving the purpose have been provided by legally established businesses in Taiwan;
4.     The business traveler is traveling to Taiwan from low- and medium-risk countries as listed by the CECC, and has not traveled to other countries or regions in the 14 days prior to boarding the flight for Taiwan.

Business travelers who meet the conditions listed above shall prepare documents proving and detailing the business activities in Taiwan, the travel itinerary for the stay in Taiwan and a disease prevention plan; such business travelers shall also prepare a certificate of a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test result issued within three days boarding the flight to Taiwan for inspection.

The CECC explained that applicants who arrive in Taiwan from low-risk countries/regions may apply to the local health authority to take a self-paid COVID-19 test on the fifth day of their stay; those who arrive from medium-risk countries/regions may apply for a self-paid COVID-19 test at their own expense on the seventh day of their stay. After acquiring a negative COVID-19 test result, such business travelers can apply to the local health authority to end their home quarantine period and observe enhanced self-health management until the 14th day after entry; they shall observe regular self-health management from the 15th to 21st day after entry.

During the enhanced self-health management period, only limited business activities are allowed for such business travelers; they shall avoid going to crowded places. Also, personnel must be designated to pick up such business travelers and accompany them throughout their stay in Taiwan to ensure protective measures are followed. Furthermore, their host company shall record such business travelers’ daily activities and the names of people they come into contact with, and they must not come into contact with anyone except those they planned to meet based on the itinerary. They must wear a face mask at all times when going outside; they must also stay at a quarantine hotel within 14 days after entry.

發佈日期 2021/2/24