CECC announces that the Taiwan-Palau travel bubble will begin; tours organized under the travel bubble should meet five main disease prevention principles

On March 17, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that it will launch a travel bubble with Palau, and the planning and arrangements of tours should meet the disease prevention principles listed below.
1. Only travel in groups is permitted, and no individual itineraries can be arranged.
2. Planning of the travel itinerary is based on the principle of avoiding crowds and designating areas which are separate from local residents, and appropriate lodging locations and travel routes should be arranged before the tour.
3. Shuttle service should be operated at designated places throughout the stay in Palau, and transportation vehicles should be disinfected every day.
4. Travelers can only stay at local hotels with safety and disease prevention related certification recognized by local health authorities in Palau.
5. A designated dining area and appropriate separation measures shall be arranged for travelers while routes, movements, and seating plans shall also be arranged to keep social distancing.   

The CECC pointed out that travelers who wish to take part in the travel bubble must meet the following requirements: they have no history of international travel within six months; they didn't undergo home isolation or quarantine or practice self-health management in the recent two months; they have not been diagnosed with COVID-19 within three months. Furthermore, such travelers should undergo PCR testing and obtain a negative test result at the airport before departure. Travelers coming back to Taiwan from Palau are not required to undergo PCR testing, and they can be exempted from home quarantine but must practice enhanced self-health management within five days after returning to Taiwan; after they take a self-paid test on the 5th day and obtain a negative test result, they can begin to practice regular self-health management until the 14th day after entry.

The CECC further explained that during the period of enhanced self-health management, travelers must abide by the one person per room requirement and stay at a separate room with a separate bathroom; however, they may stay with individuals who traveled abroad or returned to Taiwan with them in the same residence. Individuals living with travelers practicing enhanced self-health management and travelers themselves must take appropriate personal preventive measures.

發佈日期 2021/3/17