People must wear masks in eight types of public venues, and those who refused to follow the rule after being advised to do so will be fined

On December 2, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that the Fall-Winter COVID-19 Prevention Program has been implemented since December 1. Under this prevention program, members of the public must wear masks in eight types of venues with high risks of infection and transmission, and those who refuse to wear a mask after being advised to do so will be fined not less than NT$3,000 and no more than NT$15,000 according to Paragraph 1, Article 70 of the Communicable Disease Control Act by the local government. Venues with high risks of infection and transmission can are listed as follow:
    Healthcare facilities: hospitals, clinics and densely populated institutions (nursing homes, postnatal care centers, psychiatric care facilities, elderly welfare institutions, long-term care institutions, veterans homes, welfare institutions for the physically and mentally disabled, children and youth welfare institutes, infant care centers);
    Public transportation: the carriage and stop of high-speed rail, Taiwan Railway, MRT, national highway/intercity buses, city buses, taxis, ferries, flights and terminals;
    Places of consumption: shopping malls (shopping centers), department stores, indoor retail markets, supermarkets, exhibition halls, furniture stores, retail stores;
    Educational facilities: libraries, community colleges, senior learning centers, training classes, study centers;
    Sports and exhibition venues: movie screening venues (theatres and cinemas), assembly halls, gymnasiums, event centers, exhibition venues (concert halls, performance halls, museums, art galleries, exhibition halls, historical relic museums, memorial halls and other similar venues), indoor skating rinks, indoor swimming pools, amusement parks, children's playgrounds;
    Leisure and entertainment venues: cruises, karaoke halls, ballrooms, nightclubs, clubs, bars, pubs, host/hostess clubs, video viewing halls (MTV, etc.), audiovisual sing-along halls (KTV bars, etc.), beauty parlors (tourist parlors and audio-video parlors, etc.), massage parlors, fitness and recreation centers (including facilities offering Shiatsu massage services, sauna rooms, and other weight-loss and body toning facilities), bowling alleys, billiard halls, fitness center (including sports centers), indoor golf simulator courses, game-playing grounds, video game arcades, information recreation grounds;
    Places of worship: temples, churches (church services included), funeral and mourning halls at funeral homes, bone ash (remains) storing facilities and so on;
    Offices and business venues: banks, securities and futures dealers, insurance companies, telecommunications and cable TV companies, credit unions, post offices, credit departments of farmers’ and fishermen’s associations, government agencies and other establishments providing similar services.

發佈日期 2020/12/2