Ministry of Health and Welfare revokes Kinmen County Government Announcement dated May 23 after result of multiple attempts to communicate with Kinmen County Government regarding announcement turn out unsuccessful

The Kinmen County Government announced without prior authorization on May 23 that beginning May 24, 2021, travelers arriving at Kinmen Airport by air will be required to follow contact-information registration and undergo rapid testing. The May 23 announcement of the Kinmen County Government is in violation of Paragraph 3, Article 37 of the Communicable Disease Control Act and other related laws. The Kinmen County Government made the announcement without formally notifying of and submitting a written application to the central government. The Kinmen County Government still failed to follow the procedures required by law after the CECC Commander made a phone call to communicate with it regarding the matter that evening. Therefore, the announcement, an unlawful disposition, is now revoked so as to uphold the legal system.


發佈日期 2021/5/24