Verification program of Digital COVID-19 Certificate system updated to comply with epidemic prevention regulations and provide new services

On March 30, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) pointed out that in cooperation with strengthened measures for certain leisure and entertainment venues announced on March 27 and the requirements for participation in pilgrimage processions, it has updated the verification screen of the verification program of Taiwan's Digital COVID-19 Certificate (

A. A screen displaying the text that reads "Individual has received three doses" will appear for fast inspection if the verification system confirms the individual has received three or more vaccine doses.

B. A screen showing the text that reads "Individual has received two doses for three months" will appear to remind the individual to get a booster if the verification system confirms the individual has received two vaccine doses for at least three months.

The CECC explained that to cooperate with EU regulations and Taiwan's vaccination policy, vaccine doses an individual received abroad will be considered valid doses if vaccines the individual received are any of those approved by the WHO Emergency Use Listing or for emergency use or manufacture by Taiwan and the record of such vaccination has been registered by a local public health center. If the individual wishes to receive further doses in the country, the Digital COVID-19 Certificate system will show all the doses that have been registered.

發佈日期 2022/3/30