CECC conditionally relaxes visitation management measures for residential long-term care facilities according to risk of community infection in cities and counties

On August 12, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that starting today, residential long-term care facilities in counties and cities at moderate-to-high risk (currently Taipei City and New Taipei City) will continue suspending visitation with certain exceptions allowed, whereas residential long-term care facilities in other cities and counties will conditionally allow visits to residents.

1. Visitors must present a certificate of a negative self-paid COVID-19 test result issued within three days prior to their visit.
2. Visitation must abide by epidemic prevention and control rules, including making an appointment before visiting, implementing contact information registration and TOCC mechanism, and preventing visitors with symptoms from entering the facility. Furthermore, the number of visitors a resident receives cannot exceed three people at a time, and social distancing must be maintained between different groups of residents and visitors. Regarding visitation in a resident's room, only one resident per room is allowed to have visitors in his or her room at one visiting time slot. During visitation, masks are required at all times.

The CECC pointed out that visitors can be exempted from presenting the above-mentioned negative COVID-19 test result if they were confirmed to have COVID-19, obtained the Notice for Release from Isolation Treatment, and experienced onset of symptoms less than three months ago or they received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine 14 or more days previously.


發佈日期 2021/8/12