CECC explains its plans for adjusting entry restrictions and quarantine policies

On February 14, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that it has begun devising plans for quarantine in the following months, moving towards reducing the 14-day quarantine to a 10-day quarantine followed by a 7-day self-health management. The CECC explained that the preliminary adjustments for the plans have been drawn up to maintain domestic disease prevention capacities, bring social and economic activity back to normal and efficiently manage associated risks. The adjustments are below.

A. Number of days in quarantine and quarantine location:
1. The number of days an arrival should quarantine will be reduced to 10 days, and a seven-day self-health management will be required after the end of quarantine.
2. The arrival should quarantine at home or a residence of his or her family or friends, and the principle of one person per residence should be observed. If the principle of one person per residence cannot be followed, the arrival should complete the 10-day quarantine at a quarantine hotel.

B. Testing for arrivals:
1. The entry requirements business travelers must meet before entry will be loosened, and shortened quarantine periods can apply.
2. PCR testing: a total of two tests will be given; the tests will be conducted upon entry and before the end of quarantine.
3. At-home rapid tests: a total of four tests will be given; the tests should be taken on the third, fifth and seventh day of quarantine and on the sixth or seventh day of self-health management.

發佈日期 2022/2/14