People in home isolation or quarantine may go out for funerals or visiting relatives

On April 25, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that people subject to home isolation or quarantine would be allowed to leave home or designated location for funerals or visiting relatives. Those under home isolation or quarantine may submit a request to the local health bureau of their residence for going out to attend a funeral of a deceased first or second degree relative or visit such relative with serious illness. 
Related details:
1.    Those who are in home isolation or quarantine and asymptomatic may submit a request to the local health bureau on or after the fifth day of home isolation or quarantine period.
2.    After a request is approved, and the hospital’s consent to the individual’s request is obtained, local health agencies will arrange for the individual to be tested at a designated healthcare facility at the individual’s own expense.
3.    Within two days after the individual’s test results come back negative, the individual may, with the hospital’s consent, go out to visit a patient or attend or organize a funeral for which the duration may not exceed an hour at a time.
4.    The individual should wear a face mask all the time when going out and maintain social distancing. The individual may not use public transportation.

發佈日期 2020/4/25