The condition "other persons announced by the CECC" is added to the special conditions for COVID-19 test report exemption; such other persons may enter Taiwan, take a self-paid test and follow quarantine measures without being fined

On December 2, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that it has added the fourth condition that specifies "other persons announced by the CECC" to the "entry quarantine application procedures for travelers who cannot present COVID-19 RT-PCR test reports prior to boarding". As Taiwan nationals, foreign nationals holding an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC), and persons from Hong Kong, Macao, and Mainland China holding an ARC have difficulty in obtaining COVID-19 RT-PCR test reports while overseas, the CECC added the fourth condition besides the previously announced three conditions which are emergency situations, place of departure being a country where self-paid tests are unavailable, and applicable persons under special agency program approved by the CECC. Under the fourth condition, travelers may enter Taiwan and take a self-paid COVID-19 test upon entry after they make an affidavit and provide verifying documents, and they will not be subject to penalties. Details about the fourth condition are listed below.
1.    Those who depart from Taiwan and return within 3 days: they must provide verifying documents, such as the exit date on the inside page of the passport or the ticket stub of an exit ticket from Taiwan (those who use e-Gates services without having an exit record on their passport)
2.    Children aged 0-6 years old: the passport or the document proving the date of birth of a child aged 0-6 years old shall be provided.
3.    Flight cancellations resulting to overdue of RT-PCR test reports: the original flight information of the scheduled flight and the original test report shall be provided.
4.    Companions of travelers applying for entry for emergency situations shall provide verifying documents

The CECC reiterates that foreign nationals without an ARC and persons from Hong Kong, Macao, and Mainland China without an ARC shall still provide a certificate of a negative COVID-19 test report issued within three days of boarding before they are allowed to board the flight to Taiwan. 

發佈日期 2020/12/2