CECC changes starting date for selling medical masks with new imprints through name-based rationing system due to production and logistics operations

On September 16, the Central Epidemic Command Center announced that it has changed the starting date of sales of locally-manufactured medical masks through the name-based rationing system to September 24, from its original date September 17.
The related details are listed below.
1.    Medical masks embossed with "MD" and "Made In Taiwan" will be sold at NHI- contracted pharmacies starting from September 24. Masks without the imprints can still be sold at pharmacies.
2.    Medical masks that have the imprints and are scheduled to be sold online and through kiosks at convenience stores will be sold starting from Period 18 (October 12 to October 25) under the name-based rationing system. Masks without the imprints can still be sold online or through kiosks.
3.    Members of the public who fail to collect masks during Periods 16 (September 14 to September 27) and 17 can still collect their orders during Period 18 and Period 19 by following the steps for collecting unclaimed masks.

發佈日期 2020/9/16