CECC announces plans to relax mask rules on public transportation; eased rules scheduled to take effect on April 17 if pandemic situation remains stable

On April 7, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that it will implement general rules for eased mask requirements on public transportation starting April 17 if the coronavirus situation remains stable and under control. Related details are listed below.

I. Masks should be worn at all times indoors in the places/spaces listed below. These places include:
A. Health care facilities: healthcare, medical, and senior welfare institutions, long-term care facilities, veterans homes, children and youth services, and care institutions for physically or mentally disabled people.
B. Ambulances.
In the following situations, wearing a mask will not be required in the places/venues above: eating, taking photos, during checkups, treatment, or activities where wearing a mask is not appropriate or feasible.

II. Wearing a mask is recommended in the situations listed below.
A. When a fever or respiratory symptoms are present;
B. When elderly people or people with weak immune systems go out;
C. When people are in a crowded place where proper distance with others cannot be maintained or ventilation is poor;
D. When people come into close contact with elderly people or people with weak immune systems (especially those who are not fully vaccinated);
E. When using public transportation and designated vehicles: paratransit buses and school buses for transporting students.

III. Members of the public are free to choose to wear or not wear a mask in other indoor places or spaces by themselves.

IV. The abovementioned measures are general rules, and relevant details may be enacted according to the competent authority's regulations.

發佈日期 2023/4/7