CECC increases distribution points of government-funded COVID-19 home test kits and releases information on community testing facilities to enhance community surveillance; individuals needing test kits or tests can visit such locations to obtain services

On March 29, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that given that new clusters of domestic cases with unidentified sources of infection occurred in several venues, the number of basic-level clinics or local public health centers distributing COVID-19 home test kits, paid for by the government, has been increased from 272 to 540 across the country. Individuals experiencing respiratory symptoms can visit such clinics where doctors will conduct an assessment before providing a home test kit; individuals can then take a rapid test at home using the kit and report their test result to health authorities. If the test result is positive, the individual is urged to get a PCR test at a nearby designated community testing site immediately.

Information on clinics distributing government-funded home test kits and designated PCR testing facilities is available to the public for viewing at https://reurl.cc/k765gr or https://reurl.cc/QjM9bM.


發佈日期 2022/3/29