CECC loosens restrictions on applicants requesting COVID-19 testing at their own expense as Taiwan’s coronavirus numbers stabilize

On May 23, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that it gradually eased restrictions on applicants for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) testing considering that domestic coronavirus situation is under control.
The CECC’s decision on easing the restrictions was made after it took into consideration the public’s rights and benefits and the testing capacity. The decision allows members of the public to undergo COVID-19 testing at their own expense at designated hospitals due to emergency situations, as well as work and studying abroad requirements, and obtain documents proving they have done the testing. Members of the public who are eligible for requesting COVID-19 testing at their own expense are as follows:
1.    Those under home isolation or quarantine who need to attend a funeral of a deceased first or second degree relative or visit such relative with serious illness
2.    Those who need to visit other countries/regions for an emergency involving their relatives overseas, including accidents or serious illness
3.    Those requesting COVID-19 testing for work
4.    Those requesting COVID-19 testing for studying abroad
5.    Foreign nationals, mainland Chinese, Hong Kong or Macao residents requesting COVID-19 testing for departure 
6.    Family members of those listed above.
For those who wish to request COVID-19 testing to go to another country/region, each person may only make one request every three months. Currently, there are a total of 18 designated hospitals which accept a request for COVID-19 testing at the applicant’s expense.  


發佈日期 2020/5/23