Crew and passenger quarantine

All arriving passengers are required to have their body temperature measured using infrared thermometers for early detection and prevention. Passengers showing symptoms are required to fill out the Communicable Disease Survey Form. Depending on the severity of symptoms and travel history, those individuals are required to offer on-site specimen and subject to hospitalization and/or submit to follow-up tests by local health authorities.

Arriving passengers who became ill after entry are encouraged to seek medical advice and inform their doctor of recent travel history. Of the  27,623,223 passengers who arrived in Taiwan in 2018, 26,401 showed symptoms and were put on the local quarantine follow-up list. 158 cases were confirmed as communicable disease among symptomatic passengers, in which 151 cases were diagnosed with dengue fever, 7 cases of chikungunya fever.

最後更新日期 2017/6/1