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Press Releases

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1. Taiwan CDC advises public to heighten vigilance for measles and individuals experiencing suspected symptoms advised to put on mask, seek immediate medical attention and inform physician of exposure history as 1 additional imported measles case confirmed; As long weekend approaches, public advised to determine need for measles vaccination and get vaccinated prior to traveling overseas 354 2018-12-26
2. Don’t hesitate to vaccinate your children against influenza 266 2018-12-13
3. Beat AIDS and be Healthy Together – Taiwan CDC urges the public to create an open and friendly environment for HIV testing 205 2018-12-05
4. As temperature drops, parents advised to ensure children receive flu vaccine to increase immunity 295 2018-11-22
5. As the temperature drops, Taiwan CDC rallies public and poultry workers in fight against avian flu and influenza A virus infections 278 2018-11-13
6. Taiwan CDC and PX Mart together urge the public to get flu shots 260 2018-11-01
7. Taiwan CDC launches seasonal flu vaccination campaign on October 15; opera star Tang Mei-yun gets her flu shot and urges public to get immunized 541 2018-10-16
8. Travelers visiting areas affected by malaria urged to visit outpatient travel clinic before traveling and take precautions against mosquito bites during the travel 298 2018-10-11
9. With the number and mortality rate of EV-A71 cases greatly declined, Taiwan CDC and NHRI co-hosted the international conference “Lessons Learned: 20th Anniversary of Enterovirus A71 Epidemic of 1998 in Taiwan.” 276 2018-10-08
10. As Taiwan CDC confirms 1 new imported Zika case, travelers returning from Zika-affected areas advised to take precautions against mosquito bites and follow the “1+6 Principle” 817 2018-10-03
11. Taiwan CDC’s chatbot upgraded on its 1st birthday: Answering infectious disease-related questions via LINE 276 2018-10-02
12. Taiwan CDC, TEDxDaanPark and the Rotary Club of Taipei Voyagers jointly urge the public to get flu shots beginning October 15 236 2018-10-02
13. APEC member economies gather in Taipei for the APEC Conference on “Strategies Against the Evolving Threats from Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR): From Awareness to Concrete Action” 231 2018-09-20
14. Taiwan to host the APEC Conference on “Strategies Against the Evolving Threats from Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR): From Awareness to Concrete Action” 252 2018-09-20
15. Let’s check together with Love on Chinese Valentine’s Day! 641 2018-08-22
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