Enterovirus Infection with Severe Complications in Taiwan - Update 51

December 31, 2013--As of December 31, 2013, 11 cases of enterovirus infection with severe complications (including 1 death caused by Echovirus 30) have been confirmed by Taiwan CDC in 2013; these cases were caused by Enterovirus 71 (EV71, 6 cases), Coxsackie A6 (CA6, 3 cases), Coxsackie A5 (CA5, 1 case) and Echovirus 30 (Echo 30, 1 case), respectively. One case was 34 years old and the other 10 cases were below 6 years old (Table 1). Figure 1 displays the geographical distribution of these cases according to their residence. In 2012, there were 153 cases (including 2 deaths) of enterovirus infection with severe complications; among them there were 149 cases caused by EV71.

One severe case was confirmed in Week 52 (December 25 to December 31, Fig. 2). The case was a 23-month-old girl living in Hsinchu County; she was infected by CA5 and had been discharged.

發佈日期 2013/12/31