12 August 2008 - Enterovirus Infection with Severe Complications in Taiwan - Update 12

12 August 2008--As of August 12, 2008, 340 enterovirus infection with severe complications cases have been reported and confirmed. Among these confirmed cases, 12 cases were still hospitalized (8 were in ICU and 4 were in general hospital wards), 318 cases were discharged, and 10 cases had died. The majority of the confirmed cases are aged between 1 and 2 years (See Table 1(pdf file)), and most are located in the southern areas of Taiwan, with the highest case number reported from Tainan County. (See Fig. 1(pdf file)) The outbreak peaked at the week 25 and now is slowing down.

During week 32 (August 6 to August 12), 5 cases were newly confirmed. 4 cases are caused by EV71, 1 case was Coxsackie A2, and as of August 12, all 5 cases were discharged. Three cases are female, and 2 cases are male. 4 cases are aged below 5, and 4 cases are aged around or below 2. 2 cases were reported from Yunlin County, and each 1 case was reported from Changhwa County, Kaohsiung City and Tainan County. (See Fig. 2(pdf file))

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