28 July 2009 Update - Enterovirus Infection with Severe Complications in Taiwan - Update 29

July 28, 2009--As of July 28, 2009, 27 cases of enterovirus infection with severe complications had been reported and confirmed by Taiwan CDC in 2009. Among these 27 confirmed cases, 23 had been discharged, 2 were in ICU and 2 died. Those confirmed cases were all under 5 except five (see Table 1(pdf file)), and 12 cases were from the northern part of Taiwan, 4 cases the central, and 11 cases the southern. (see Fig. 1(pdf file))

Three cases were confirmed in Week 30 (July 22 to July 28). These three were 2 female and 1 male aged between 2 and 8, all from the northern part of Taiwan, and their infections were all caused by EV 71. Two were discharged and one remained in ICU at this writing. (see Fig. 2(pdf file))

發佈日期 2012/12/14