11 August 2009 - Enterovirus Infection with Severe Complications in Taiwan - Update 31

August 11, 2009--As of August 11, 2009, 28 cases of enterovirus infection with severe complications had been reported and confirmed by Taiwan CDC in 2009. Among these 28 confirmed cases, 24 had been discharged, 2 were in ICU and 2 died. Those confirmed cases were all under 5 except five (see Table 1(pdf file)), and 12 cases were from the northern part of Taiwan, 4 cases the central, and 12 cases the southern. (see Fig. 1(pdf file))

One case was confirmed in Week 32 (August 5 to August 11). The case was a 1-year female from Pingtung County. Her infection was caused by EV71 and she had been discharged at this writing. (see Fig. 2(pdf file))

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