• 編者/作者:Wang Xiaofeng (author), Hou Hui (painter)

  • 出版機關:Centers for Disease Control, Ministry of Health and Welfare, R.O.C.(Taiwan)

  • 出刊日期:2021年10月

  • 版本:1st ed

  • 定價:NT$499/set、NT$150/vol

  • ISBN:978-986-5469-57-3

  • GPN:1011001690


9.Woof! Woof!:
Chelsea’s good friend and neighbor, Henry, finally has a pet dog! Do all stray dogs and cats have rabies? One of Henry’s birthday gifts is a stray dog which his mom adopted from an animal shelter. To prevent the dog and the kids from getting rabies, what can they do?

10.Oopsie Daisy!
Josh and Jonah went to Grandpa’s farm in the country for their summer vacation.  Grandpa has a pig house, a hen house, and a pond. Did Grandpa do many things to prevent them from getting JE? Did the boys go home with a lot of mosquito bites?

11.Thanks! Wolfy!
After watching an exciting baseball game, Chelsea and Henry want to practice to be better. They decide to throw and catch balls in a park. What kinda of hidden danger is waiting for them? Does Wolfy know it and try to give them a heads up?

Howard’s grandma hasn’t seen her elementary school mates for FIFTY years!!! What a long time!!! Wait a minute!!! Grandma is sick? She has got TB? Oh! No!!! What can Grandma do?
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