Copyright Notice on Health Educational Materials

World Wide Web of Taiwan Centers for Disease Control, Ministry of Health and Welfare Copyright Notice on Health Education Materials

1.    Laws, orders, official documents, press releases, etc. posted on the World Wide Web of the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (Taiwan CDC), Ministry of Health and Welfare (hereinafter referred to as the Taiwan CDC website) shall not be the subject matter of the copyright  (Please refer to Article 9 of the Copyright Act). Other information posted on the Taiwan CDC website, including word descriptions, images, videos, etc., are copyrighted (Please refer to Article 5 of the Copyright Act). 

2.    To facilitate successful implementation of infectious disease prevention and control efforts and ensure the public have access to correct information concerning transmission of infectious diseases, prevention measures, and relevant regulations, all levels of government agencies may reproduce the health education materials on the Taiwan CDC website for the purpose of infectious disease prevention and control without altering the contents of the materials. All levels of government agencies are welcome to have their agency logo printed on the material and distribute the same (See example for illustration). 

3.    Health education materials on the Taiwan CDC website are licensed under a Creative Commons License. All levels of government agencies shall refer to the Creative Commons License   on the health education materials for the authorized scope of use and restrictions on the use of the materials. Those who violate the Creative Commons License will be legally liable. 

4.    Educational materials on the Taiwan CDC website may be quoted by an individual or a family for non-profit purposes, within a reasonable scope, in reports, comments, teaching, research, etc. (Please refer to Articles 44 to 65 of the Copyright Act). Please cite the source when quoting. 

5.    Contents of health education materials on the Taiwan CDC website are copyrighted. Apart from reasonable use, permission or authorization should be obtained from Taiwan CDC before use. If the content of the work of other copyright holders is involved, permission from the copyright holder should also be obtained before use. The content can only be used after the person consents to or authorizes the use of the content. An official request detailing the requested content, including the link and the scope of use must be made and mailed by the applicant to Taiwan CDC for seeking permission or authorization to use works from the Taiwan CDC website. Taiwan CDC will notify the applicant the result of the request after reviewing the request. 

6.    When using the images on the Taiwan CDC website, besides paying attention to the above-mentioned points, please indicate the source, and please pay attention to the portrait rights of the individual being photographed and relevant regulations concerning the protection of personal information. 

7.    Taiwan CDC respects copyright and protects copyright in accordance with the Copyright Act and other relevant regulations, and does not infringe on the copyright of others. If you (the copyright owner, the plate rights holder, or an authorized licensee) believe that the contents on the Taiwan CDC website violates your rights or violates the Copyright Act, please notify Taiwan CDC (contact us) as soon as possible and provide your contact information (name, email, phone number) to facilitate appropriate responses. 
最後更新日期 2019/8/29